Museum of Fine Arts is a building or space intended for displaying the visual arts. Museum of Fine Arts can be privately or publicly owned. In contrast to the art gallery is that the Museum of Art with an art collection, often in art historical personnel and research activities.

The public with regard to art museums is also responsible for artistic promotion of knowledge. Museum to showcase different eras artwork or specialize in a particular era. Art museums also arrange for individual artists, art exhibitions and thematic exhibitions. They may focus on one or more of the artist’s works, such as the Musée Rodin, or else a more limited field of art, such as the National Portrait Gallery.

Amos Anderson Art Museum is Finland’s largest private art museum. It is located in the Helsinki city center George’s Row. It was founded by Amos Anderson, who was Hufvudstadsbladet publisher and a generous supporter of art. The museum is maintained Konstsamfundet. The manager is Kai Cone.

The museum was opened in 1965. The building is WG Palmqvist designed in 1913 the apartment block, where the Amos Anderson himself is once lived. Originally, the museum premises were the lowest of the old residential apartment building situated on the top floor as well as the Amos Anderson’s former apartment. Later, the museum has expanded to house all floors. The building is also linked to the shopping center Forum, a courtyard George street can be reached through the gateway corridor.

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