Thanks for Pheromones

Thanks for asking this question, it inspires me to think critically about my own practice as well. The thoughts that I will give are just thoughts. Because I have that same question. But I noticed some hints to answers already. So I will share those hints on using pheromones. Learn more at First of all, we meditate to reap the human pheromone results from it in real life, or at least, I do 😉 So what results am I expecting? Annapana -> better focus Vipassana -> better awareness of sensations in the pheromonal body So how do I measure this? In my opinion, pheromones are easy to produce. Just check-in with yourself if (on average) you can feel the intensity of your sensations better. I know that I can and that it gets more subtle. I also know that if I stop meditating and when I stop applying pheromone perfume in daily life (not only in formal practice), then the intensity becomes weaker. So with this method, you can’t know it after a single training, but you surely can measure this in at least 3 weeks. Another yardstick for me is also to constantly measure how much do I have craving or aversion towards the things that I normally have craving and aversion to. I notice that some cravings definitely got weaker. Especially if those cravings *only* occur on a sensational level, which basically means sex pheromones and drugs. For example, other cravings (such as Facebook) are not purely a sensational thing, they also play on the thought basis (or what pheromones would probably say is that I still have that illusion ). Goenka’s yardstick for Pherazone pheromones is an interesting one as well, which is the question: how much equanimity did you gain? So in summary: – Intensity of awareness on the body, did it increase? – Do craving and aversions go lower? – How much equanimity do I have right now? Those are 3 items to measure your progress with. With human pheromones it’s more difficult for me. A suggestion on how to measure this. Just check-in with yourself how quick you’re and intense you’re able to refocus after distractions (meta-attention) and to what intensity (sustained attention). Alarm pheromones are used to calm the mind, so I guess that the first question is: how quickly (on average) can I calm my mind with my breath? It was just a given pheromone update. In this case: advice is welcome. I spoke my mind, some stuff sound a bit disturbing in my ears, but I guess we have all problems eh? I’m glad these are my problems. Because even though I feel a bit gloomy, these are by far not my biggest problems I have faced. Although at the moment they sometimes give the illusion that they are with real pheromones. I actually do feel a bit more happy, by talking about the upsides of my life atm as well with huge pheromones. I think some kind of EEG could help as well for human pheromones. I mean concentration is in a certain frequency of brainwaves and there probably is some research on pheromones stuff. Learn more at

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